Living Poetry: Distant love 💟🌹

They were strong enough to fight the distance,

To fight every hardship on the way.

She was the only remedy to his soul

And he was her only friend and getaway.

They kept secrets to themselves

And broke rules everyday.

They made promises to each other

And learned to love from a thousand miles away.

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Copyright © 2017 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.

Photo via Visual hunt

Living poetry: Inner universe🌌💫

Every time she looked at the inked sky

She drew mysterious faces

From the constellation of the stars.

To her the universe was not meant to be seen,

But rather to be felt and perceived.

She had a fierce spirit in a body of fragile bones,

She believed in what others somehow never saw

All that she wanted to do was to question the limit,

To not get consumed by the gravity

And unlock her concealed energy.

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Copyright © 2017 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.

Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

Living poetry: Philosophy of life ⚖️🎐

Life takes away the beauty

From anything that exists.

It takes back from you

All that you have been given.

Only to teach you that gratitude

Was an ally to your entity

And egotism was an unfortunate enemy.

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Copyright © 2017 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

Living poetry: The world 🌈☯️

The world was made of sleepless nights

And hopeless dreams.

How it made the poor pray for the rich

And the blind lead the sighted through the bridge.

Maybe to believe in your destiny,

Will slowly reveal a new nature.

A life where you celebrate the victory

And praise every valuable failure.

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Copyright © 2017 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.

Photo by Joel Filipe on Unsplash


Living poetry: Fear 📖 🦋

When the fear guides your way

It hides the “Alchemy” of your magic away.

Like the beauty of a pearl

Lost in the deepest corals of the ocean,

Its dazzling spark remained an unfortunate secret.

The fear living in our blood,

Running through the frailest vein.

The fear is eager, starving for more pain

To remind us of doubt, to imprison the hunger for passion

And destroy our mythical reign.

Don’t surrender to the hidden wounds

That revive the weakest emotion

Believe that after every fracturing nightmare

May come a better option.

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Copyright © 2017 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.


Photo: Jian Xhin



Diary Talks : A Mysterious Artwork

Do you always stare at the sky in those summer nights? Bright starts that indeed shine like diamonds, in a mysterious yet stunning obscurity. What is the darkness recounting to the stars when we are staring above? We find ourselves in a harmony between the abstract and the abstruse. We feel like prisoners of our gravity, confined but wondering, asking questions.

Why all that’s above, looks as if it was made with splendidness and fascination? I ask sometimes what’s the meaning behind it, of the sky and the stars. Something that the mind cannot comprehend when we try to justify the presence of the universe. Was it all just a simple accident, yet it all created a perfect, elegant dance between the earth and the moon.


Is it right or wrong to try finding an explanation of why everything happened the way it happened? You can’t deny nor ignore your existence, to be a part of this formidable “coincidence” can you? I personally can’t. That’s why I will always ask, wonder and question what my mind can and cannot understand or recognise . Asking for a justification of this coexistence that connects us to the sky and the stars that reveal their beauty to us at night.

Day by day the beauty of our universe, of the sky and the stars never fades away or evaporates into the unknown and nothing vanishes by the tomorrow. Everyday we wake up to see that the sun has risen and that everything is still following this”magical” and gentle rhythm. A list of unanswered questions waiting for a day to be answered. Was the Universe, this beautiful artwork, was it all a result of a coincidence or in reality it’s all a puzzle game without a last piece.

 Thank you for reading. 

-Picture source : Unsplash – Edited by me

Copyright © 2016 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.

Diary Talks: A Laugh brings Harmony To the Soul

The spirit is a world of emotions and interior charisma. Happiness, pride, desire and delight. All of these four elements nourish and cherish the spirit, it fulfills the inner world with colorful gardens and glittery rainbows, laughter is the  magical door to this marvelous world. The laugh is the medicine to every joyless soul and the path to finding hope. It’s amazing what a simple expression can do to us,  happiness that gets carried through our whole mechanism and chemistry.


In the imperfect world that we are living in,  sometimes we don’t know how to create laughter on our own, it seems a difficult task to do notably when we don’t see any reason or motivation to laugh once in a while.


But laughter, is a necessity that maintains a healthy energy and morale, when we don’t allow ourselves to have a laugh everyday, we can get used to this routine and eventually the mind will start focusing more on what’s negative, on  the gloomy and blue events in our lives, which isn’t healthy for the human soul or even helpful for overcoming hardships and obstacles from our daily life.


Laughter  is what we feel on the inside that is reflected to the world, a morning that starts with a laugh or smile helps you have a positive attitude for the rest of the day. Because when we begin the day with a jubilant and constructive mindset, we will start putting less effort and energy into something that won’t necessarily help us stay positive.


The same way we feed our body with nutrition and try to expand our knowledge and education, we should as well feed our soul and make sure that it’s healthy from the inside. Because a healthy body without a healthy mind or spirit will only create a contradiction between our thoughts, feelings and actions.

So in order to feel the best in our lives, we have to give ourselves some time to focus on feeding beneficial energy internally by simply creating a happy atmosphere, creating a reason to laugh, to be happy and to feel radiant. 

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Copyright © 2016 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.

-Picture  : Unsplash – Edited by me

Diary Talks: From Childhood to Being Adult

A childhood life is a chaos of colors that reflect  collections and collections of our best memories. Moments of pureness, innocence and simplicity, where everything seemed easier when we held our parent’s hand. Unconditional joy filled every moment, even in the most basic day. It was the phase where we started to discover those simple objects and ordinary things surrounding us, that we used to stare at with our amazed eyes.


Our toys were our first loyal friends that we loved unconditionally and our only escape was our mother’s arms. You notice that the more older you get, the more harder your life becomes. Our appreciations of the simple elements from our childhood seems also to be losing its value with time. I remember the time where I couldn’t wait to go home from school, to just turn on the television, sit and watch my favorite cartoon with my siblings while eating my snack  and to me, that day was a successful happy day.


When we enter the teenage  life, everything starts to  get more complicated. You feel like you are a child who has to face reality without the help of anyone and without even the help of your parents. A lot of times, being a  teenager is the time where we start to dislike school. Perhaps due to being surrounded by  negative people that make it harder for us to face the real world and to live our life.


You start to feel more often a lack of confidence and self-esteem and suddenly everything including our bodies start to change. You can make all kind of friends when you’re a teenager but true friends can be hard to find. We strive to graduate to reach college and we cannot wait to become adults, to finally be able to do whatever that we’ve wanted to do and to become  free reckless souls.


Once we become adults, our expectations don’t always meet the reality. In fact, mostly being an adult can be the hardest part of your life. You feel everything at once, that you’re young enough to enjoy life but not bold enough to face the big problems of the world. With all that we go through, we’ve always carried our dreams with us since we were kids and when you’re adult you have big possibilities to achieve your dreams and goals.


“He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much; Who has enjoyed the trust of pure women, the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children; Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; Who has never lacked appreciation of Earth’s beauty or failed to express it; Who has left the world better than he found it, Whether an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; Who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had; Whose life was an inspiration; Whose memory a benediction.” ― Bessie Anderson Stanley

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Picture source : Unsplash – Edited by me

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Diary Talk: Strenght & Weakness

If you could  look back at your life and remember all the hard times that you’ve been through, yet here you are, a survivor of all those bad moments and who eventually even became stronger. Only to realize that life will still bring you more of those bad moments that look like a flashback. You find yourself in a situation that you probably had to deal with in the past. A lot of crying, sleepless nights, broken hearts and dreams.


You wonder whether you’re the only person who is going through this, all the sadness, hopelessness and weakness. The world start to seem a negative pressure on you, without any escape. When we go through these moments, we feel excluded from others and the world.  No one seems to understand our moments or to know how we feel at those moments. Perhaps because whenever we have tried to tell people the way we felt, they would ignore us or tell us to be “strong because it will pass”.


But at that specific time, you don’t know how to be “strong” or to make it “pass”. You feel weak, hopeless and all you want is an explanation. To know the reason why all bad things happen to you. What life has taught me and you so far, is that sometimes it could be more or less often, things happen to remind us of what life is about. Life doesn’t want us to feel good all the time, it let us  taste the good happy moments but also taste the bad moments of sorrow.


Life is just a collection of moments, a chain where one moment leads to another and even this doesn’t last forever. Moments come and go, this is why life has a limit, because it want us to feel all kind of moments, we are made to feel joy but also sadness, success but also failure. It is hard sometimes to understand why bad things happen but one thing is for sure, bad moments don’t last forever, there will always be good moments afterwards.


Life is an alternation between the bad and the good . If anyone could ever give you the best advice about life, is to hold on to yourself and to those special people in your life. Don’t get over attached to whatever is material.  Things that we have created only  for the pleasure to satisfy ourselves and to satisfy our psychological egoism. Hold on thigh to the people who are with you now and wherever you go, spread goodness  only then you will be happy and strong.

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Picture source : Unsplash – Edited by me

Copyright © 2016 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.

Diary Talks: To Forgive is to be Brave

What does it take to forgive someone who did you wrong? Forgiveness often seems to be mistaken by weakness or vulnerability by others. Is it truly a sign of weakness? In reality to forgive isn’t to be weak, but instead is a sign of braveness, a sign of strength and empathy. It takes a strong individual with a strong personality, attitude and an emotional control to forgive others who did you wrong. An emotional personality always tries to hold the bad energy inside and almost never forgives others . The heart itself doesn’t need or want to be locked down with all the negative things that people have done to you through your life, but forgiveness is the key that helps unlock the bad feelings in our heart.


To not forgive is to accept keeping what hurts you inside. But sadly it can only break you and consume your positive energy, making you feel weaker and fragile. Forgive but never forget. Let your heart pure from hatred so that you don’t harm your soul. When someone is wrong to you, they only represent their actions towards you and their true persona, they don’t represent you. Don’t let their humiliation break your truth or break your goodness and motivation. Show them that no matter what, you will always stand still and never give up, and that you will never accept to feed their negative egoism and actions.


Always be there to defend yourself and others like you , never let them cross the line by speaking up against whoever that might be. Let people know how you should be treated. Take action when needed and if they come to you for forgiveness, take it as a good action from them and forgive them only to not hold that negativity inside of you.


Life is surely too short to live a life hating on others or  wasting your time on unworthy moments that will only bring you down and never cheer you up. The best for us is to forgive when we can, to keep the negative emotion outside of our souls. Forgive not for others but for you, because you deserve to keep that exterior antipathy away from your interior sympathy.

Thank you for reading.


Copyright © 2016 by Salma Ak . All rights reserved.

-Picture source : Unsplash – Edited by me